July 10, 2013


i actually found this accidentally.

my officemate one day came to me and ask why is there a lock logo on his samsung W screen whenever he plays a video.

with that logo appears, you cannot do anything to the video. scrolling time line, exits, volume adjust, all thing just 'locks' until the video ends and it exits videoplayer by itself.

i figure out then the lock logo will appear if you hit your power button during playing your video. it will locks out all function, including screen rotation, screen saver, buttons, volumes, your touch screen, evrything.

to deactivate that function you just hit your power button again. my friend must have been accidentally hit the power button during video playback.

later i tested with Tab 2 and it works the same, so i'm assuming all Samsung phones works the same too.

come in handy during those long video play where your screen blacks out on itself.

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