June 27, 2013

I've experimented this myself.

Some android device may not support 3g simcard, like a samsung tab wifi, or the dell tablets, lenovo's and so on.

So technically you cant use a whatsapp with these wifi only devices as they need to verify your phone number.

So can you use whatsapp in wifi only devices?

Well actually you can. Just install whatsapp on your device. But you need a still need a simcard for whatsapp purpose.

Put that sim card on different phone, any basic phone already enough.

Then run through whatsapp verification on your device. It will prompt you for your phone number to send activation code.

Fill in the phone number and proceed. The code will be sent to your phone that is equipped with the simcard.

Note that code and fill in them into your whatsapp on your device that is waiting for the code.

Done, you can use whatsapp on your wifi only devices!

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