June 21, 2013

here is a proof determination will make you succeds in anything

so what about this guy eh?

well, he only have left side arm and leg. But he rides motorcycles! as if thats not mindblowing enough, he race bikes!

For you guys who cant figure out whats the fuss riding a bike with only leftside arm and leg,

probably you never ride a bike, but almost surely you guys drive a car right?

so put it this way : 

1. you have a left arm and leg only, the right side's has gone
2. your car has manual transmission
3. your left leg needs to take care the gas, brake and clutch(left side, not right side leg remember!)
4. your left hand need to steer and change gear positions.

impressive? well, a car is inheritly stabil with 4 tyres, bike need to be balanced by the rider as its only on 2 wheels. 


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