June 19, 2013

Is there such thing?

yes, but alongside with discipline.

orang kate credit card tu memberi masalah, lambakkan hutang, buatkan cashflow sangkut, etc, etc.

in my opininion, the card is innocent. its as bad just as its owner. it cannot swipe by itself right? if it is left on the table alone it wouldn't automatically sent things you want sent to your doorstep and adds to your debt right?

ye, yang bad ialah KITA, we make the facility bad.

my tips for using credit card ialah gunakan ia pada benda yang memang kita kena spend. in my case, minyak. nak tak nak kita kene isi minyak kan? so use the credit card. you safe time from queuing to pay.

same goes for groceries. daripada asyik-asyik nak carik ATM cucuk keluar duit, you can just swipe it away at the casher. easy, big time.

you only need to adhere to one rule. clear your bills completely before due date. kesilapan gunakan credit card bagi saya ialah cuma bayar minimum payment je. hutang credit card adalah langsung tak berbaloi. interest as high as 18% per annum. thats ridicoulus. ASB dividen pun baru 8-9%. camne nak cover interest setinggi tu? itu perangkap namanya, and the banks make easy money out of this.

statistik orang yang tak dapat langsai kredit card ni agak tinggi. you just need to be disciplined. no one can force you to spend within your budget accept yourself. belanja cuma sebanyak yang boleh anda langsaikan setiap hujung bulan, then it can be rewarding.

camne boleh rewarding? credit cards have something that we called treat points. we collects points as we spend.

in my case, aku pakai petronas ikhwan gold card. a shariah compliance credit card facility. untuk setiap 1 ringgit spend di petronas, aku dapat 5 points pada weekdays, dan 8 points masa weekends. untuk shopping groceries, aku dapat 5 points for every ringgit spent.

points tu boleh redeem barang! di senheng, 200 points equals to RM1. tempat lain tak pernah ade experience lagi, tapi banyak outlet lagi yang boleh redeem points.

i proved it. after about a year of usage as above(minyak, groceries, stuff, anything, use it as a temporary paying media, as long you clears it before due),

i manage to get a RM450 Panasonic microwave at Senheng, for free after converting the points into RMs

yeah 1 year is long, and you get only a microwave. tapi memang kita kena spend untuk minyak kan? groceries?

A. unavoidable fuel, groceries for a year
B. unavoidable fuel, groceries for a year, got free microwave.

which would you choose?

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