4 tech time saving tips

June 17, 2013

Hey, its my first post for the blog.

i got this from TED show(a super cool ideas sharing show), few simple things that we did not know, but awesomely useful in our tech filled daily life. here goes :


we usually read through webpages using the mouse scroller, more advance user will use the up/down button.
The problem is when we're reading paragraphs, and we need to scroll down, after scrolling down using down button, we lost at where we stopped reading before scrolling down. Happens to you? yeah me too.
Simple solution, use the spacebar!it will move the page just below of your current view!no more finding where you stopped just now. to scroll back up, hit shift+spacebar.


words are too small? hit ctrl + '+' to zoom in, and ctrl + '-' to zoom out. neat huh?


No its not those dangerous thingy, its what google creates to makes our live easier and burn less calories from your fingers. haha. if you notice now, when you put something in the search bar of google, the search results came out before you even hit enter right? its more than that. say you wondering what is 2 inches in cm? just type 2 inches in cm, google calculates for you and display rightaway. no need to see conversion units and hit your calculator. You want to find the meaning of words? type define 'the words you want' and voila!

You type in the flight number, and it shows you the schedule, route and status.

cool eh? :)


Some of you might already know this. The camera shutter have lags. so sometimes when you want to shoot actions such as jumping in the air, you hit the shutter, but it snaps when the subject already on the ground. This happens because the camera needs time to calculate the settings. Push and hold only half of the shutter button to focus, and when the moment to snap comes just go ahead and fully push the button all the way.

Thats it! till next time

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